Dylan Roberts


Dylan Roberts

Working Hard For
Eagle County & Routt County

Meet Dylan

I am a third-generation Coloradan who grew up in Routt County and now my family and I call Eagle County home. As the State Representative for Eagle & Routt Counties, I work hard every day to find solutions that improves life in our communities. This work includes establishing a first-in-the-nation state public health insurance option, lowering the cost of health care and prescription drugs, protecting our water and environment, promoting small business in rural Colorado, and much more.

On the

Dylan Roberts is a leader at the legislature where his priorities and record include: reducing health insurance costs, lowering the cost of prescription drugs, advocating for affordable housing, protecting clean water, fighting for working families and small businesses, and much more. 

Jobs & Economy

Helping our economy recover from COVID-19 and ensuring good-paying jobs for Coloradans.
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Water, Climate, and Energy

Climate change is real and we need bold solutions to protect our environment, help transitioning communities, and make Colorado a green economy leader.
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Affordable Health Care

We've made progress but there is more work to do to make health care more affordable and accessible for all Coloradans.
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Repairing & preparing our infrastructure for the the future must be one of the Legislature’s top concerns.
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Ensuring that every Colorado kid gets the high-quality education they deserve and supporter our hardworking educators.
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Cost of Living

A strong middle class is not possible without attainable housing, adequate child care, reliable broadband, and equal opportunity to earn a good wage, start a business, or raise a family.
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Legislative Roundup

Sponsored Bills passed
1 %
of bills passed with bipartisan support

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