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Jobs, Small Business, and the Economy

Colorado’s high country and our rural communities are amazing places to live but we need to do more to make sure it is also a place where hardworking individuals and families can find a good job, raise a family, and start a business. At the Capitol, I am the Chair of the House Business Affairs & Labor Committee where I have led our state’s economic recovery from the pandemic, crafted legislation to support and jump-start rural small businesses, and work to ensure that anyone who is willing to work hard has access to a good-paying job. 

You can count on me to continue fighting to:

  • Support small businesses in our rural and mountain communities

  • Sponsor bills to lower taxes and fees for small businesses and individuals

  • Craft and bolster efforts to bring 21st century jobs to Colorado

  • Ensure our communities have the tools they need to support local workforce with housing, child care, and more

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