Dylan Roberts

Vision for Colorado's Future

Colorado is changing. Our state is growing and attracting some of the best from across the nation and around the world. People want to live in Colorado to enjoy its natural beauty, open their businesses, and start their families here. This population growth brings immense challenges but also incredible opportunity. 

Over the next several years, it will be up to the leaders of our state to do big things. We must:

  • Build and maintain the infrastructure that supports our people and our businesses. This includes our roads and ensuring that all of Colorado has access to reliable broadband. 

  • Create affordable places to live for all those who want to make Colorado home and contribute to our state.

  • Ensure that all Coloradans have affordable health care options and transparency in health care spending.

  • Create and maintain good-paying jobs for Coloradans in both our metro areas and our rural communities.

  • Preserve what makes our state great: its natural beauty. We have to continue to lead the clean energy revolution and to protect our state’s clean air and water.

On the Issues

Dylan Roberts is a leader at the legislature for a public option for health care, reducing health insurance costs, taking on the pharmaceutical industry, advocating for affordable housing, protecting clean water, fighting for consumers, and more. 

Jobs & Economy

Every Coloradan deserves to be financially secure if they are willing to work hard.
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Energy & Climate

Green jobs are the jobs of the future and Colorado could become a nationwide leader.
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Together we can make health care more affordable and accessible for all Coloradans.
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Repairing and preparing our infrastructure for the millions of Colorado citizens that will be added must be one of the Legislature’s top concerns.
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No society will be successful without providing a quality public education to the next generation.
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There is much more that we can be doing to help spur the availability of affordable housing.
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