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No society will be successful without providing a quality public education to the next generation. Unfortunately, Colorado is near the bottom of the fifty states for for public funding for K-12 and higher education. No student should ever be penalized with a sub-par education solely because of the state or zip code in which they live. Colorado can do better.  

As your Senator, you can depend on me to find ways to improve our state’s support for public schools and teachers, modernize our classrooms, and ensure that every student is given the opportunity to succeed by fully-funding our K-12 education system and paying teachers more.

Further, too many Coloradans do not have access to higher education because of cost alone. If students take out loans to pay for a degree, they find themselves crippled with debt for decades. At the legislature, we have a responsibility to find every way possible to make higher education affordable. As leaders, we also must recognize that a four-year college degree should not be the only way to success in our society. We can do much more to promote community colleges and vocational education. I will always support legislation that provides the opportunity for students to go to college or pursue vocational training at an reasonable price.

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